Successful introduction of Sterk Technology Education Program in Bonaire

Kralendijk- The end of last week saw the official introduction of Sterk Technology Education (STO) on Bonaire.

Employees of the SGB, management of primary schools and members of the press were able to take a look at the completely redesigned technology room. Demonstrations were given there and attendees could see the most modern technical equipment at work.

Sterk Technology Education is a program subsidized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). The aim of the program is to introduce children to technology at a young age. In this way, their interest is stimulated and the choice of a technical study or job stimulated. OCW is subsidizing the program because they see that there is a lot of undiscovered potential in children, while at the same time there is a great shortage of well-trained technicians. “You have to be infected with technology somehow,” says Frans van Efferink, director of the SGB, during his speech. He gave as example his own son who discovered his passion for technology by playing with Technical Lego.

Technology room

The technology room is one of the components of the STO program. In particular, group 8 students are given the space to make things themselves and thus playfully experiment with technology. STO will also make an important contribution to improving technical education at VMBO and MBO. They do this in close collaboration with the local business community. In this way, supply and demand remain well connected.

During the introduction day, those present (who were spread throughout the day in shifts) watched the various demonstrations with great enthusiasm. For example, 3D printers were at work, robots were built and controlled with Lego Mindstorms, Opitech building kits were demonstrated and working steam engines were on display.

The organizers say they look back on this day with great pleasure. Elton Johnson, program leader STO, adds: “We prefer to look ahead, to the children, pupils and students who can make a well-founded choice for technical education, thanks to STO and the local business community”.

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