Successful visit and collaboration of Utrecht University to Bonaire for Heritage Project

An impression of the activities in which the students from the University of Utrecht participated. Photo: Terramar

KRALENDIJK- As part of the ‘Making Bonairean Heritage Together’ project, reflects a collaborative effort between Utrecht University, Terramar Museum, and local organizations. 

The project adopts a community-based learning approach, allowing students to immerse themselves in the culture and heritage of Bonaire by engaging with local organizations. 

During their week-long visit, students had the opportunity to explore various facets of Bonairean heritage,visiting places such as Mangazina di Rei, FuHiKuBo, and Cocari and also visiting significant local spots and interacting with the community. The focus on community engagement underscores the importance of understanding the perspectives and experiences of Bonaire inhabitants in preserving and representing their heritage.

For this second phase of the project, Terramar Museum reached out to Bonaire Archaeological Institute to collaborate for two different informative archaeological tours. Despite the high demand, with more than 90 people expressing interest, space limitations prompted the organization also of a News Café. 

The event featured Dr. Gertjan Plets and Dr. Jay Haviser, discussing the importance of research in collaboration with local organizations. The News Café was live streamed, allowing a broader audience to participate online.

Looking ahead, the Utrecht University students will finalize their research in the coming months. The results of this research will identify objects chosen by the community to represent Bonairean heritage. These selected objects will be curated into a traveling exhibition, showcasing the rich cultural history of Bonaire.


The gratitude expressed to the Bonaire community for their openness and hospitality emphasizes the positive impact of community involvement in preserving and celebrating heritage. This collaborative initiative highlights the significance of research, local partnerships, and community engagement in fostering a deeper understanding of cultural heritage.

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