Sunset Beach park will also be suitable for physically-challenged users

The Heeren2 firm of architects located in Curaçao is responsible for the design which was presented last week. Photo: BOG

KRALENDIJK- Although many residents react positively to the construction of a public park on the site next to the Chogogo Resort, there are also people with question marks about the accessibility of the new park for people with a physical challenge.

However, according to information from the director of Bonaire Overheids Gebouwen (BOG), Adely Jansen, this group has not been forgotten. 

“It is important to us that the park is accessible to everyone and also has something to offer to different people,” says Jansen. For example, the park must be attractive to young people as well as the elderly, residents and visitors. But people who are confronted with certain physical limittions, have also been thought of”. 


Jansen indicates that in the run-up to the start of the project, consultations were held with various parties, including the association for the disabled on the island (MiVaBo) and the Society & Care directorate. “We will sure that there are no obstacles in the park for the disabled. It is also the intention that there will be a slope, where disabled people can enter the water in a manner that’s both safe and easy”.

The idea for the construction of a public park was presented almost ten years ago, by the then-director of BOG, John Soliano. Responsible for the archtiectural design of the park is the Heren2 firm in Curaçao. 

According to Jansen, it is now high time that the park is actually realized. “By means of this construction, BOG wants to show that this government-owned company does have value for the community at large”. 

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