Supporting Curaçao Cooperation Aid Agencies food bank

Willemstad – Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, caused by the Corona virus, Curaçao is in an economic crisis. Due to the Corona crisis, 50,000 people fall below the poverty line.

The platform Cooperating Aid Organizations Curaçao has launched an aid campaign in which all existing organizations cooperate and continue to serve their own networks.

The cooperating organizations are Fundashon Kòrsou Solidario i Duradero, the Food Bank Curaçao, Unidat di Bario Kòrsou, Caritas (Pastoral Social Caritas Willemstad), Human Rights Defense Curaçao, Aliansa Curaçao and Rotary Club Willemstad.

The aim is to deliver food packages where they are needed, but taking into account all measures taken by the government to limit the spread of the Corona virus and using the existing networks that the different organizations have.

The platform works closely with the Ministry of SOAW where a large proportion of the people who need help are known. This includes the network of the Red Cross and the Sentronan di Bario.

The Cooperating Aid Organizations Curaçao have started producing packages. Friday April 10, 850 packages were made, of which 500 at the request of the Ministry of SOAW and 350 for the Cooperating Aid Organizations Curaçao. These packages were distributed before Easter. This food package production line is now operational and will be operational in the coming weeks.

Sign up for a food package

For optimal coordination, there are three channels where you can register. Human Right Defense Curacao 696 2523: especially for migrants. Food bank 529 1919 (Whatsapp): you are currently in acute distress and have no food. SOAW 510 2044: You come around but it is not enough. Food bank whatsapp: 529 1919

Those who are not registered with the SOAW or other aid organization can report to the Food Bank for a food package via Whatsapp 529 1919. Please provide the following information about you:


Last name.


Telephone number.

Number of persons within the household.

Number of underage children in your household.

Your motivation why you urgently need help.

Do you receive a benefit or other form of income? Yes No

The Cooperating Aid Organizations Curaçao will then process your request for help.

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