Suriname Airways finally signs lease for ‘own’ Boeing 737

Currently test flights are being made with the newly leased airplane. Photo: Surinam Airways

PARAMARIBO – The signatures have finally been placed under the contract with which Suriname Airways has acquired their ‘own’ Boeing 737 after quite some time. The carrier will use the plane to carry out the regional routes.

The state-owned company has been operating flights with aircraft hired from third parties, including crew, for more than a year. That is not only a relatively expensive option, but the airline also had to deal with the necessary setbacks at the outsourcing partners, so that the flight operation certainly did not run smoothly.

Although the contract with AerCap, one of the largest leasing companies in the world, has been in the air for some time, it was finally signed earlier this week. It is a Boeing 737 of the so-called 800 series.

The airline is currently conducting test flights, the aim of which is to deploy the aircraft as quickly as possible on routes to, among others, Curaçao, Aruba and Trinidad & Tobago. Flights to Trinidad & Tobago had been stopped for some time, but the carrier has now indicated that it wants to resume them.


Interim director of the Surinam Airways, who signed the contract with AerCap under the watchful eye of chairman of the supervisory board Ganesh Laigsingh, expressed appreciation for both employees and the passengers of the carrier, who have had to be patient with a lot of uncertainty at the airline in recent times .

Incidentally, the Surinam Airways is not out of the woods yet: the company’s income has been negative for quite some time. In addition, there are various lawsuits against the company about unpaid bills from the past, including those for the rental of the devices seized due to non-payment at the time.

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