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Surprise over messy Board Appointments Statia Housing Foundation

A major renovation of existing units is in the works at the Housing Foundation. Photo: Government of Saba

Oranjestad- St. Eustatius- The delayed appointment of members to the Board of the St. Eusatius Housing has led to raised eyebrows -and some dismay- on St. Eustatius.

A letter signed by Government Commissioner Marcolino (Mike) Franco, dated November 13, 2019 advised board members that -pursuant to a Court decision of March 20, 2018- (sic) they had been named to the board of SEHF.

Recipients of the letter were highly surprised by the notification and caught off-guard by the news of their (delayed) appointment. Some dismay was added by the fact that Franco urged appointees to react within 24 hours after receiving the notification and inform Government of their willingness to serve on SEHF’s Board.

The BES-Reporter knows of at least one case whereby the designated Board member advised Franco that they were no longer available or interested in the position.

“In said correspondence your request is that the undersigned give you an answer no later than November 15, 2019, barely granting 24 hours to answer your letter pertaining to my appointment on the Board of Statia Housing Foundation. Your request is not in accordance with any article/law and it is not pertaining to a life or death situation. This kind of demanding attitude is very unbecoming”, according to the prospective Board member in question.

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