Surprise Over Plain License Plate Design Bonaire

Head of the Finance Department, Dudley Wederfoort is holding up the new 2019 licence plate which looks rather plain compared to the old ones.

Kralendijk- Many have reacted with surprise -and some with dismay- to the presentation of the new licence plates which will be introduced this year.

While the old license plates were colorful and could be considered ‘marketing’ for the island, the new design is ‘back to basics’.

As a reason for the simple design, Wedervoort indicated that the previous number plate was highly sought after due to the beautiful colors and therefore was quite regularly stolen from cars.

A media campaign will be launched in the next two weeks to let the public know how and when the license plate can be replaced. Companies with more than 5 cars will be able to make an appointment via an email address for the pick up of their plates.

The license plate for the car costs $8.40 and for motorcycles $5.60. It will also be necessary for vehicle owners to prove that road tax was paid for 2018 and at least half of 2019. Drivers must also be able to show an insurance certificate for the vehicle, a valid proof of identity and need to provide an address.

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