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Survey: Customer Satisfaction Bonaire Telecom Providers

Kralendijk- ABC Online Media, publisher of, and -among others- together with Linkels & Partners is executing a survey on the customer satisfaction of four major Telecom providers on Bonaire: UTS/Chippie, TELBO, Digicel and Flamingo TV.

According to Sylvia de Leon, director of ABC Online Media, the surveys that are conducted from time to time via the news sites are highly appreciated by readers. “There are so many things being said about these providers. Sometimes very positive; sometimes very negative. It’s interesting to see what’s really going on,” de Leon said.

De Leon also notes that the internet and the ‘smart phones’ are becoming increasingly important. “People nowadays would rather be without power than without internet”. ABC Online Media also notes on their websites that -especially mobile- internet is becoming increasingly important.


Liane Bonofacia, psychologist at Linkels & Partners, is responsible for the setup of the survey. “At Linkels & Partners we provide a lot of training in the field of Customer Service. That is why we know how important it is to give the right attention to customers. Sometimes there are very small things that can annoy people, or -on the other hand- small details that people really appreciate,” Bonofacia says.

The psychologist also points out that the way complaints are handled by companies has a major impact on the perception of customer friendliness. “Complaints are normal and even important, but you have to respond in the right way and use them to the benefit of the Company.”

The Survey is carried by initiative of ABC Online Media and Linkels & Partners, and without any pay by anyone. “We just do this as a service and because we like it. The idea of ‘measuring = knowing’ runs in our veins as psychologists”, says Bonofacia.

The survey is available in Dutch, English and Papiamentu and can be filled out by clicking this link.

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