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Suspects of Drive-by Shooting Statia Arrested


The Police has in the meantime arrested 2 suspects.

Oranjestad- St. Eustatius was in a state of dismay and shock yesterday after information on a ‘drive-by’ shooting on the island circulated on social media.

According to information of the Police Department, yesterday at about 17.30 Police received notification of a shooting near Paula C. Dorner Road.

Witnesses saw 2 men in a car driving by, and one had a revolver and shot, after which they drove off.

After an investigation, the Police were able to track down the suspects and arrest them at about 19.10 in the evening. The initials and age of the suspects are F.L.H. 29 years old and T.J.H. 30 years old.

The case is being further investigated by the police.

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