SZW stops providing mediation at Mariadal

Eric Brakke

Kralendijk – The head of the RCN-unit SZW, Eric Brakke, has decided to no longer provide for mediation in the collective bargaining of Fundashon Mariadal.

The decision has been made in consultation with the mediator. The reason is that the employer is no longer participating in the discussions with the trade union.

Brakke: “At the end of August, SZW asked the mediator to mediate in the conflict at Mariadal. SZW pays the costs of this mediation. The mediator has determined that the employer no longer wants to talk to the trade union. The condition for mediation is that both parties participate. Now that this is no longer the case, I will stop the contribution from SZW. I would like to thank the mediator Pontillius and the special mediator Tromp, for their efforts.”

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