Taxi Drivers Bonaire on Tour with School Children

Kralendijk- Some extra income for taxi drivers who are currently without income from normal tourism, and an opportunity for school children to learn something about tourism attractions on their own island.

That is the idea behind the tours by taxi drivers for school children on Bonaire. This morning a group school children from San Luis Beltran went on the first tour.


Commissioners Tjin Asjoe and James Kroon were present to see the pupils off. According to Tjin Asjoe it is important that Bonerians, from a young age, learn what the island has to offer.

“Our Strategic Tourism Plan talks about the involvement of our residents in the tourism experience. This means that residents need to know what the island has to offer, and have them be involved in the overall experience of our visitors”, said Tjin Asjoe. The commissioner told the school children that today they were going to be ’tourists on their own island’ for the day.

The trips are paid for by the Public Entity Bonaire, as was a recent training program for taxi drivers to enhance their knowledge as guides and drivers.

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