TCB introduces ‘Bonaire Bond’ Destination Promise

TCB introduces 'Bonaire Bond' Destination Promise
The Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire is committed to coral restoration on the island. Photo: Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- The Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) announces the launch of the “Bonaire Bond”, which invites visitors to travel responsibly and respect the island’s resources.

The idea is to get visitors to sign a promise to preserve Bonaire’s natural appeal for years to come. The TCB will also be teaming up with the island’s Reef Renewal foundation by having coral trees adopted on behalf of visitors who sign the Bond.

“These coral trees each represent more than 100 pieces of coral, so the donation goes directly back to the rehabilitation of Bonaire’s reefs,” said TCB director Miles Mercera.


Mercera notes that Bonaire was committed to sustainability long before it was commonplace. “It has always been in our DNA. In 1979, Bonaire was the first Caribbean island to designate 100% of the surrounding water as a protected underwater park. In addition, 20% of our land, home to the local fauna, cacti and beaches, falls within the protected boundaries of Washington Slagbaai, the oldest national park of the former Netherlands Antilles, since 1969.”

The TCB will use multiple channels to inform and encourage visitors to commit to the Bonaire Bond. In addition, TCB will actively engage with local businesses and residents to join the movement and set an example, and give back to the island by preserving the beautiful and fragile ocean reefs.

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