TCB launches the Bonaire Expert Program

KRALENDIJK – Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) launches its first module of the Bonaire Expert Program. The program allows for travel agents to learn more about our destination, community and offerings.

TCB’s vision is to educate and inspire our partners about our destination. It is important to understand the history and uniqueness of the destination. The first module of the new e-course on the E travel training platform targets the Dutch travel trade professionals. This interactive e-course focuses on the unique experiences of the island and offers an opportunity for travel agents in the Netherlands to test their “Bonaire Expert” knowledge and learn about the island, to become a real certified Bonaire expert.

Once successfully completed, participants of the e-course will receive a certificate validating their status as a Bonaire expert. TCB’s goal is to enhance the product and destination knowledge of Dutch travel trade professionals, in order to better educate and inspire our future visitors. The E-learning training is available for all travel agents around the world with the first module in Dutch that was launched as the pilot program. TCB will invest in the next quarter to launch the Bonaire Expert program in all other markets and in four different languages.

TCB will also expand the Bonaire Expert program in the future with more island history modules and cultural heritage modules to better educate our partners abroad. TCB acknowledges the important role that the travel trade has in the development of our Tourism Industry and therefore wishes to enhance the “Bonaire Experience” by introducing the Bonaire Expert Program.

For more information visit: training/3698/bonaire

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