Teachers Bonaire wrap up Public Speaking Training

Teachers Wianda Steffens, Giovanna Winklaar and Darlene Janga flanked by trainers Jefferson Rosalia and Saignée Evertsz-Rosalia of Eagle Eye Media.

Kralendijk- On May 30, the closing meeting of the Public Speaking Training led by Jefferson Rosalia took place.

Three teachers from ‘Pienter in Taal’ gave their final presentation to colleagues and family during the festive closing meeting in Rincon. Afterwards the participants received their certificate from the instructors.

In the quiet weeks during the corona period, the teachers had lessons in Public Speaking. Jefferson Rosalia, coach at the Talent School, had time to train his colleagues during these quiet weeks.

Crash course

In a crash course of 11 lessons, they were taught the tricks of a good presentation. They were trained in attitude, behavior, presentation structure. With this they have further developed skills that are very useful for their work in the classroom.

They have also put their quiet period in April and May to good use and are ready for the last weeks from Pienter to the summer holidays for groups 7 and 8 of primary schools.

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