TELBO asks for customer input

Telecom provider TELBO has started to actively seeks input of customer base.

Kralendijk- Telecomprovider TELBO N.V, the provider of fixed lines, IP-TV, internet and Kla Mobile is looking to receive active input from its customer base. This can be understood from a press release by consumer organization Unkobon. The process to consult customers started in September 2016.

Recently, a follow-up to the first round of consultations took place to get input from customer and suggestions as to changes the local provider could make according to the clients. Unkobon was one of the parties consulted. According to Unkobon, TELBO-director Gilbert de Bree has stated that the company has put an additional focus on the customer experience. Specifically, the company hopes to achieve a better communication between clients and the organization. A lack of responsiveness was one of the biggest complaints from the side of customers, especially when it comes to service outages of internet and the IP-TV. Some customer complained that it could take days, if not weeks, for TELBO to address a service outage.

Unkobon says they hope this time TELBO will live up to promises made and say they will keep following the telecom provider in a critical way to address whatever issues that may arise.

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