TELBO Increases Rates Between 4 and 5% in 2020

The Company indicates they have invested heavily in providing more and better service. Photo: BES-reporter

Kralendijk- Per January 1, 2020, Telecom provider TELBO will be adjusting their rates for internet and TV subscriptions.

For non-commercial customers the new rates will mean an average increase of 4% for most TV services (USD 2) and internet services (USD 3.00). Internet rates for the business market are rising with an average of 5%.

“It is very important for TELBO to provide its customers with high-quality and innovative services. For years we have succeeded in doing so without making any increases. However, the time has now come for us to take the step to increase our fares”, said General Manager Gilbert de Bree.

Improved product

TELBO over the past years, according to their press statement, has successfully doubled internet speeds,  increased the quality and the number of available HD TV channels for its customers. The company also states that they will continue to work on the further optimization of telecom services for their customers.

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