Temporary alternative entrance at the Bonaire police station

The temporary entrance to the intake counter. Photo: KPCN

KRALENDIJK – Starting from Tuesday, July 11, the entrance to the intake counter at the main police headquarters in Playa will temporarily change location due to building maintenance.

The Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) and the State Real Estate Agency (RVB) have been working on measures to improve the climate inside the main police headquarters in Playa, particularly focusing on the air quality, which is said to be in need of improvement.

The entrance to the counter is now located at a narrower door on the right side of the building, at the height of the barrier. There is a doorbell that visitors can press to enter. Once inside the building, visitors will have a waiting area where they can sit while waiting for assistance.

All other services of the KPCN will proceed as usual.

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