Tensions at QBMC: Nurses and Union demand Urgent meeting with Board in Missing Morfine case

The nurses together at QMBC, awaiting the meeting with director Rothweiler.

ORANJESTAD- An unfortunate situation at Queen Beatrix Medical Center (QBMC) is developing in a standoff between the nurses and their union at the one side, and Management and the Board at the other side.

The unfortunate case revolves around a person hired as a Quality Nurse for the hospital, but who is now suspected of having taken away keys and subsequently various bottles of Morfine.

The case was in the meantime brought to the attention of KPCN, but the team of nurses is not satisfied with the way the case is being handled by both the Director F. Rothweiler and the Board.


The union has in the meantime requested an urgent meeting with the Board, which was supposed to take place at 3PM on Friday afternoon, but which had not yet take place close to 5 PM.

All-for-One leader Charles Woodley stated that the nurses were not going to move anywhere, until the Board would meet with them to discuss the situation which as arisen. What irks the team and their union is that it is felt that the nurse in question is being protected by the Director, rather than to have the case being handled by the competent authorities.

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