The Barrel House adds New Dimension to Statia’s expanding Culinary landscape

View of the bedroom in The Barrelhouse’s upscale suite. Photo: The Barrel House St. Eustatius

ORANJESTAD- Since December 15, 2021 there is a new exciting development in Lower Town with the opening of the Barrel House, in the building of what used to be Mazinga on the Bay.

Responsible for the development are Sybolt and Marlies ten Hoopen, who have become an important factor in the local hotel and restaurant sector on the island. The Barrel contains upscale lodging on the island, for those looking for a unique hotel experience.

However, the initiative also includes new gastronomic offerings in the form of an exclusive selection of wines, fresh pastry, a coffee bar and rotisserie chicken. Responsible for the culinairy offerings of The Barrel House is chef Iwan Hokahin.

“We are always looking to add something to the sector, which isn’t there yet”, says Sybolt ten Hoopen. The entrepreneur feels that the island is gaining momentum, with the introduction of the new ferry service, but also with the recent exposure on a medium like CNN travel.

Exterior view of The Barrelhous building. Photo: Barrelhouse St. Eustatius.

Big steps

While only a few years back, St. Eustatius was still considered by many to be on the lower end of the spectrum when it came to stayover tourism, developments at the Old Gin House and the establishment of Golden Rock resort are quickly bringing the island up to speed with upscale offerings for the more demanding traveller.

The small shop offers a selection of fine wine and other quality ingredients. Photo: The Barrel House St. Eustatius.
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