The Bonaire Police threaten to confiscate bicycles of disruptive youths

KRALENDIJK – The Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) is threatening to confiscate bicycles from youths who cause disturbances, including in the center of Kralendijk, due to irresponsible riding or causing nuisance.

The reason for the threat from KPCN is the numerous complaints the police received about the behavior of youths during the opening of the Regatta festival in Playa.

“Lately, the nuisance caused by youths on bicycles in the city center has increased. Nuisance because they exhibit irresponsible behavior in traffic, such as performing wheelies, cycling in large groups in the middle of the road, cycling without lights, and cycling and performing tricks in a crowd, as was the case on Sunday,” says the spokesperson for KPCN.

KPCN now states that the behavior of the youths will be dealt with strictly, and if necessary, appropriate measures will be taken. Since it usually involves minors, KPCN requests that the parents of the respective youths talk to their children about their behavior and its consequences. For example, that causing damage to others (material and personal) is punishable and has financial consequences. Also, because the youths pose a danger to themselves.

“If you cause disturbances with your bicycle, your bicycle will be impounded,” said the spokesperson for KPCN on Monday.

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