The Caribbean Netherlands Police Force now has its own Cybercrime unit

KRALENDIJK- The Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) has been busy in recent months setting up a new department that deals with all criminal activities on the internet.

Within a few months, the new unit will grow into a fully-fledged department with three full-time FTEs.

Chief of Police Jose Rosales explained to the local press on Friday morning why a specialized unit is important. “Just like in the rest of the world, everything that has to do with computers and the internet – also within the Force – is becoming increasingly important. It is therefore essential that we move with the times.”

The Top Cop eplained that the attention for digital and cybercrime goes much further than the specialized department. “In fact, the entire force is already dealing with this development. But having our own expertise in this field is a good thing for the entire Force.” For example, when conducting research, more and more use is made of digital resources that are available for that purpose. The specialized department can support colleagues in this.


When setting up the special unit, KPCN immediately sought cooperation with other countries. A first agreement was therefore signed today for cooperation with international partners.

There is cooperation with, among others, Interpol and with the organization NoMoreRansom.

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