The Cultural Heritage of Bonaire

Kralendijk – Cultural heritage gives us a sense of identity and continuity. It also includes special elements such as traditions and folk festivals, which are passed on generation by generation. UNESCO Bonaire, FuHiKuBo and Mangazina di Rei have been working for years on traditions and old crafts such as the “Maskarada” (masked New Year’s tradition), playing the barí (traditional drum covered with goat’s skin) and preventing the practice of folk medicine from being lost. 

Upcoming Saturday, January 26, the next edition of the cultural event “Nos Zjilea” will take place with the theme “The Cultural Heritage of Bonaire”. In the context of this, Liliane de Geus, representative of UNESCO Bonaire, will give a presentation on the list of intangible heritage of Bonaire that absolutely must be preserved.

There is an old saying in papiamento: “Karpitente ta mas ku Rei”. It means that even a king is nowhere without a carpenter. One of the craft carpenters from that time was Reinier Pourier. During the event his son, mr. Willy Pourier, will tell more about this profession, which he learned from his father as a young man.
Furthermore, Silvio “Chio” Semeleer will tell us about his experiences as a football coach. He will also show various exercises that you can do yourself to keep your health up to standard. There will also be various market stalls with local fresh products, art and local dishes. You can also enjoy the dance couple Donny & Monique Winklaar and of course you can also participate. All this in a cozy atmosphere with a “live” performance by Victor Felida with his trumpet, Franky Janga on his bass guitar and the local band “Nikkymix”.

We will be happy to see you on ‘Nos Zjilea’, the cultural event of Bonaire, on Saturday the 26th of January from 8 o’clock in the morning until 2 o’clock in the afternoon. For more information, please visit the facebook fanpage of Mangazina di Rei.

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