The Executive Council of Bonaire promises increased transparency with weekly updates

Photo - OLB

KRALENDIJK – The Executive Council of Bonaire has announced that it will organize weekly updates and press conferences to enhance transparency and openness to the community. These updates, under the name “Bon Informa,” aim to inform citizens more effectively about ongoing matters, important decisions, and future plans. The first press conference took place last Friday.

These weekly sessions will be live-streamed every Friday from 2:00 to 3:00 PM on the official Facebook and YouTube channels of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB). During these broadcasts, press questions can be addressed, and in-depth information will be provided, both physically and accessible online for local journalists.

The Executive Council emphasizes the importance of transparency and openness for a healthy democracy and an honest public administration. Deputy Clark Abraham stated that sharing information and listening to the community is essential for effective governance. With these initiatives, the Executive Council aims for a better understanding of decision-making and policies, as well as more active community involvement in processes that affect their daily lives.

The Executive Council, in collaboration with the population and the press, aims for a community where everyone feels heard, and decisions are made with the well-being of citizens as the highest priority.

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