Saba Government and the Saba Comprehensive School present “The Mentorship”

The Bottom, Saba – The Department of Community Development and the Saba Comprehensive School identified the need for more guidance and positive role models within the community.

In an Initiative to form a joint, community-based approach to curb certain habits and behaviors that may hamper the overall well-being of teenagers in school and their social life, “The Mentorship” was born. Through the use of extracurricular activity participation in safe environments and positive relationships with caring adults who can provide additional guidance, the coordinators of this program anticipate a positive impact on the youths of Saba.

This program focuses on children between the ages of 12 and 17, the period in a child’s development where they form their ideas on relationships, lifestyle, hobbies, and extracurricular activities, and are also more susceptible to the influences of peer pressure. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and it is necessary for us to collectively assist in shaping and strengthening our youth’s identity and personal beliefs in a positive way.


Rayann Ramdin tasked with Youth Preventative Care at the Government and Care Coordinator for SCS; Carol Irvine-Skinner said the objective of this program is to have kids, ages 12 to 17 paired with a mentor. These mentors will then give guidance to the kids by building trust and modeling positive behaviors while taking the time to connect with them while also engaging in a high-quality relationship.

Mentors are required to undergo a careful screening process to determine eligibility for the program, which includes an interview and a letter of recommendation. Mentees can be referred to the program by their parents or school, and they can also sign themselves up. Persons interested in becoming mentors can apply before July 31st.


Once the recruitment of mentors and mentees is complete, a certified mentor training takes place in August, and the program begins in September after pairing a mentor with a mentee. “The Mentorship” should run for six months.

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