The water polo players from Bonaire won silver twice

The water polo players from Bonaire won silver twice.

MIAMI – After an exciting and intense weekend, both Bonaire Team U14 and Bonaire Team U16 won silver at Carifta Water Polo 2023. A large delegation represented Bonaire in the American city of Miami.

It was a silver weekend for Bonaire. Windfoiler Amado Vrieswijk also won a silver medal on behalf of Bonaire. Not only did Vrieswijk win silver, but the water polo clubs from Bonaire also secured a silver medal twice.

Two national youth teams selected by the Aquatics Federation Bonaire excelled in Miami. The players normally play for the Bonaire Barracudas, the swimming and water polo club in Bonaire.

International participation

In addition to the national youth teams from the Bahamas, Curaçao, Trinidad & Tobago, and Barbados, several American water polo clubs also participated in the tournament. With this tournament, Bonaire has proven that they can hold their own against the high water polo level of these teams.

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