Thielman hands over TAO function to Island Governor

KRALENDIJK – Delegate Hennyson Thielman has transferred the position of Territorial Authorized Officer (TAO) for Bonaire at the European Union (EU) to Island Governor Edison Rijna.

In recent years the deputy held the position for coordination of projects funded by the EU in the framework of sustainable development. In this administration period, several projects have been completed and several others have been continued or started. 

Larger projects 
The choice to make the Island Governor the TAO is for the purpose of continuity and for the long term setting up of international relations for Bonaire. At this moment there are six larger projects running that contribute to the sewage system of Bonaire, the youth, nature and tourism. 

Island Governor
The choice to make the Island Governor the TAO is with a view to continuity and the long-term establishment of international relations for Bonaire. Thielman is convinced that the Island Governor knows how to represent Bonaire strongly at the European Union.

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