Three exceptional individuals honored through the Bonaire Friends Program

KRALENDIJK – The Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) has honored Ryan Augusta, Gerarda Dirksz, and Davide Chiarlo for their dedication to Bonaire’s tourism sector. Their recognition falls under the Bonaire Friends initiative, a program that pays tribute to those who consistently strive to deliver top-notch hospitality and enrich the experience for visitors on the island.

Ryan Augusta, is a kite surfing instructor at Kite city, and a true ambassador of Bonaire. With his extensive knowledge, remarkable instruction skills, and deep love for the island, Augusta is in high demand among visitors seeking an unforgettable kite surfing experience. Augusta’s respect for nature, wind, sea, and people forms the essence of what Bonaire has to offer. His dedication and expertise make him a true Bonaire Friend.

Gerarda Dirksz, owner of Kunuku Spa, is appreciated for her excellent service in her spa, a modern, serene oasis on the island. Visitors praise the soothing environment and the exceptional service from Dirksz. She is commended for her dedication to creating an unforgettable spa experience.

Dive instructor Davide Chiarlo from Dive Friends has made a profound impression with his passion for diving and love for Bonaire. Chiarlo ensures that beginner divers feel comfortable and confident underwater. His patience and care have been praised by visitors, including a 48-year-old beginner diver who spoke highly of Chiarlo’s extra efforts and personal attention.


TCB congratulates Ryan Augusta, Gerarda Dirksz, and Davide Chiarlo on their well-deserved recognition. Their exceptional hospitality and warm interaction with visitors epitomize the inclusive and welcoming spirit of Bonaire.

Visitors are encouraged to share their experiences, photos, and videos of special encounters with the local community via the dedicated Bonaire Friends page at Everyone is welcome to participate and celebrate the unique connections and lasting friendships that have been formed on the island.

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