Tickets to Curaçao to get more expensive again

Tickets to Curaçao to get more expensive again

 KRALENDIJK- The price for a roundtrip ticket to Curaçao will with all probability become a bit more expensive again in the short term, now that the government of Curaçao plans to introduce an additional levy of 4 guilders 50 on top of the price of each ticket.

The additional levy is intended to cover the costs of expanding the Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA), so that the island can once again meet the requirements needed to obtain so-called Category-I status from the US Federal Aviation Authorities (FAA). According to Transportation Minister Charles Cooper, 8 to 9 new employees need to be recruited to meet minimal requirements.

Curaçao was put back to Category-II status over 10 years ago. This means, among other things, that airlines from the island are not allowed to start (new) routes to the United States.


Also, local airlines are not allowed to enter into so-called codeshare agreements with their American counterparts. These agreements are important from a commercial point of view, in order to be able to offer a wider network of destinations with other airline partners.

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