To fight Coral Desease: Wannadive Bonaire opens Rinse bins to all divers 

KRALENDIJK- Wannadive Bonaire, with 2 dive centers on the island, is opening their rinse bins to all divers on the island. 

Owner Bart Snelder says that this move is not so much a marketing gimmick, but he feels that everyone should contribute as much as possible to mitigating measures. “A disturbing coral disease has reached Bonaire’s reefs which had been affecting pretty much all of the Caribbean already. Rather than strategically keep quiet about it, Wannadive has decided to try and do something about it”. 

Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease, Popularly known as Skittle D is dangerously infectious and this is how we can help to stop or slow the spread and its damage. Diving has been shown to be a vector in the transmission. Please read the article from DCNA.

According to Snelder, starting from August one, they will provide multiple rinse basins on their boats so that divers can rinse all our gear between each dive. “As we conveniently have two locations, one north and one south, it is also easy to rinse gear at any time while shore diving. We will urgently request for all our  guests to do so. In addition we will open our rinse and shower facilities to all divers on Bonaire. We hope all dive shops on Bonaire will follow suit”, according to the Dive operator. 

Fresh water

Snelder also says his operation is in contact with nature NGO’s to see if just fresh water rinsing is sufficient or that an additive might be called for. “We will also consult our dedicated scientists as regularly as needed and report on any development”.

Snelder says that whil the development is a worrisome development, there is also plenty of hope. “The disease has been around for a couple of years, and treatments are being developed. In addition Bonaire has been very pro active with its coral renewal program”. 

The dive operator also reminds diverse that, due to the disease, it is even more important than it was ever before for divers not to touch the corals, while making their dive. 

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