Together we can help solve our waste problem!

The motion calls on the Island Council to ban single-use plastics on the island.

We live on a beautiful, but small island, where everything we do has a direct impact on our nature and our environment. Solid waste is one of the biggest challenges that Bonaire is currently facing. Our landfill is reaching full capacity and expansion into nature areas is simply not an option.

“What can I do to help solve this waste problem?” This is what Lorella (Lola) Scandaletti co-owner of Capriccio Bonaire Ristorante asked herself. Lola decided that she would no longer use Styrofoam to-go boxes and switched to a nature friendly alternative. She noticed right away that biodegradable packaging costs a little more, especially when you buy it in smaller quantities. So… the next logical step would be to increase the buying volume.

Lola approached Sharon, who works for Boneiru Duradero, a WWF/NL sponsored project on Bonaire and that is how the idea started for a collective Non-Profit buying platform. Their first goal is to reach out to local restaurants and get a feel for the quantities of to-go boxes that restaurants use. The ultimate goal is to buy biodegradables collectively at the lowest price!

Combine buying power
When you buy collectively you can order bigger quantities, thus negotiate a better price and share the costs of shipping and handling. Pilot testing with kraft-paper food boxes on Bonaire already shows that tourists are willing to pay a little extra for nature friendly food-containers.

Please join our initiative and take a minute to fill in this survey:

Lola & Sharon

NOTE: Although Styrofoam boxes do not have a lot of volume, they form a major threat to nature in the sense that it takes 500 years for Styrofoam to breakdown and the light material is blown to sea easily, where it can be eaten by fish or turtles.

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