Total Covid figures Bonaire Continue to Decline; Positive Test Ratio Still High

Kralendijk, On March 28, 2021, there are 393 active cases of Covid-19 on Bonaire.

While this sounds like good news, the positive test ratio on the island stays very high. This is worrisome as it is a sign that the current outbreak is still far from contained.

Of the 53 people who were tested on Saturday, 25 results were positive. This translates to a positive test ratio of about 50% or one of every two people tests positive. This is extremely high.

Two of the active cases are visitors of Bonaire. There are a total of 14 hospital admissions due to Covid-19. Five people in the hospital on Bonaire receive intensive care. There is still 1 hospital admission in Curaçao and 1 in Aruba.

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