Tourism Corporate launches new branding campaign for US market

KRALENDIJK- As part of the Tourism Recovery Plan, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) recently launched an extensive new branding campaign targeting the North American market. TCB has started a branding initiative to reposition Bonaire, refresh its identity and re-introduce the island to key target markets. 

One of the objectives as part of the plan is to reposition the island as an island where tourism takes place in harmony with nature and the people who live there. TCB hopes to attract tourists who would describe themselves as Eco-conscious traveler, the adventure traveler, the traveler who wants to volunteer and other groups of interest to the island. 


TCB will also implement its 100% digital strategy with the launch of the new brand campaign. From now on, TCB will only invest in digital branding and marketing opportunities and will slowly move away from traditional print advertising. #durability Key target markets for the North American market include Florida, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New York, Atlanta and Houston and Toronto, Canada. In addition, TCB’s trading strategy will also be rolled out as part of the new branding campaign. TCB, in partnership with American Airlines, will launch an awareness campaign to boost the high and low season months targeting Canada and the United States. Expedia will also launch a creative Bonaire campaign in early June 2022 in conjunction with the Bonaire Bond program. In honor of the bookings made through Expedia, Bonaire Tourism is planting coral trees through the Bonaire Reef Renewal program. 


With the launch of the campaign, TCB is also introducing its first new landing page entitled Visitors can discover and learn more about Bonaire on this digital platform. The newly completed Bonaire website will be launched in the summer of 2022, just in time to inspire travel in the coming winter season.

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