Tourism Corporation Bonaire launches book

Kralendijk – Last Friday, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) launched the book titled: “Turismo Na Boneiru, Bo Futuro!” (Eng.: “Tourism On Bonaire, Your Future!”). The book launch was planned to take place in the tourism week that was scheduled on September 21st to September 25th, but as a precautionary step it was decided to postpone this activity as well as others, namely the “One-Hour Coastal Clean-Up”, the poem competition themed “Tourism on Bonaire” and the book tour to deliver the books at the elementary schools.

Book week is from November 9th to November 13th. The theme for this year is: “Deskubrí mundu di ántes den bukinan di awe” (Eng.: “Discover the ancient world in today’s books”). This year once again, TCB in collaboration with the author Denise de Jong-Rekwest created a book. This year’s title is: “Turismo Na Boneiru, Bo Futuro!” (Eng.: “Tourism On Bonaire, Your Future!”) and the goal of the book is to bring awareness among the youngsters between the ages of 8 and 12 of the importance of tourism in Bonaire. Each chapter illustrates a different element of the tourism sector, such as history, culture, activity and handicraft.

In connection with the theme of book week, TCB created a video with Miss Tourism Bonaire, Rayshantaly Coffie, reciting the history of tourism on Bonaire. The goal of the video is to introduce the book in the elementary schools. Each school will receive a copy of the video and will be presenting it in each group during book week.

On Friday, November 6th, TCB launched the book at the Tourism Office. At the inauguration, Commissioner Elvis Tjin Asjoe, Business Manager of TCB Marjolein Oleana, and the author Denise de Jong-Rekwest were present where they each held a speech.

Marjolein Oleana opened the ceremony by welcoming Commissioner Elvis Tjin Asjoe and the author Denise de Jong-Rekwest. “TCB in collaboration with Rekwest Publishing is proud to present the second edition of the tourism book. The goal of the book is to bring the awareness among the youngsters of the importance of tourism in Bonaire. It is well known that tourism is one of the most important pillars of Bonaire’s economy. TCB is confident that the book will be well-used amongst the youngsters at school and that the schools will use the book during class so we can all be well-informed on tourism on Bonaire including to be used as a guideline in their future career,” said Marjolein Oleana. Afterwards, Denise de Jong-Rekwest gave a speech. “Thank you TCB and the government of Bonaire for giving me the opportunity to publish the two books. The book contains elements of what I learned while studying tourism, also other important elements of Bonaire. I am very pleased and I applaud you all that came up with the idea for the book, because we have to start informing the youngsters about tourism when they are young. It is better to start educating them when they are younger so they know the importance of tourism and know that it is part of their future,” said Denise de Jong-Rekwest. Commissioner Elvis Tjin Asjoe closed the ceremony by “Congratulations to Bonaire and to all students with the new tourism book. Thank you, Denise, for your help in creating and publishing of the book. Thank you Marjolein on behalf of TCB and the entire team that assisted Denise with the production of the book. It is better to start educating the youngsters now and make them aware of all the benefits of a clean Bonaire, and the importance of tourism for Bonaire. As mentioned previously, tourism is one of the most important pillars of our economy, not only for the tourists that come here to spend their money but they are also looking for a good service so they can feel at home. It is important for everyone, every youngster living at home, in their neighborhood, no matter where they are to take good care of the tourists, so that our hospitality, cordiality and the good service will remain high where they can feel at home,” said Commissioner Elvis Tjin Asjoe.

On November 9th, TCB delivered the books for the elementary schools. In addition, 10 books were delivered at ‘Biblioteka Publiko Boneiru.’

TCB thanks Denise de Jong-Rekwest and all those involved that collaborated with this project.

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