Tourism Corporation looks back on successful Tourism Summit

KRALENDIJK – Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) recently hosted its third annual Bonaire Tourism Summit, spanning two days at Courtyard by Marriott. 

The summit featured presentations on TCB’s vision and strategy for tourism development, including a goal of reaching 170,000 stayover visitors in 2023. 

Updates from advertising partner Dunn&Co highlighted past and upcoming marketing initiatives, including the successful Earthonauts activation and the multi-city 2023 campaign. 

Diamond Public Relations shared achievements in media outreach, with over 189 million impressions in North America and 59 million in Europe. 

Commissioner Jolinda Craane emphasized collective efforts for a sustainable future, while Kia-San discussed cruise visitor management. Interactive sessions gathered input from the private sector for Bonaire’s 2024 marketing initiatives, making it a successful summit.

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