Tourism Corporation looks back on successful Tourism Summit

KRALENDIJK- Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) organized its second annual Bonaire Tourism Summit at Courtyard by Marriott on Monday.

During the summit, TCB shared its vision, actions and strategy for tourism development through a presentation by Miles Mercera, director of TCB. TCB presented an overview of the state of affairs, the results and the planning for 2023 of Bonaire. A preview of the performance for winter 2022/2023 was also provided by TCB.

Economic Development and Tourism Commissioner Hennyson Thielman welcomed the attendees and emphasized the importance of the entire industry’s commitment to community inclusion. “By hiring more local people for the tourism industry and raising the minimum wage, not only does the quality of life of the local population increase, but it also contributes to what our visitors experience. For our part, we will invest in education and training,” said Thielman.

Miles Mercera told the public that she was inspired by the input the TCB has received from the public-private tourism sector. “In an effort to align our strategy for 2023, it is these types of sessions that help us connect with our key tourism stakeholders. Sustainable tourism development is a contribution from all of us and TCB recognizes the importance of sharing and getting the necessary feedback and input to reach our tourism potential,” said Mercera.


During the summit, TCB’s official agency, Dunn&Co. from Tampa, Florida, provided an overview of the island’s rebranding process, from its repositioning and identity development to campaign and media planning. The company also explains the thinking behind the island’s new website and digital-first social media strategy. “It was a great experience to help Bonaire set up a new communication platform, because the island is really the best when it comes to ecotourism,” said Troy Dunn, director of Dunn&Co. “Brand authenticity is reflected in everything we do to educate the world about their commitment to the important balance between human nature and Mother Nature.”


As part of the Bonaire Tourism Summit, TCB also organizes a special seminar with interactive breakout sessions, in which the business community can participate and provide input for marketing initiatives for Bonaire for 2023.

TCB says thank you to all partners such as BONHATA, BHG, BIA and OLB who supported and participated in the summit.

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