Tourist Routes Taken over by Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs received tools and paint from POP Bonaire which can be put to use to upkeep the areas. Photo: POP Bonaire

Kralendijk- Entrepreneurs in Bara di Karta, Rincon and Tras di Montaña are happy with the car, cycling and walking routes which have been laid out by POP Bonaire.

Various rural areas were put on the put by the organization who focussed on the revitalization of various rural areas.

The tourist routes appear to have a positive effect: where first only 1 or 2 cars used to visit the area per weekend, this has now grown into 40 to 50 cars.

The tourist routes have been laid out to stimulate the economy and revitalize the areas. This appears to work; kunukus are being refurbished along the routes and people see opportunities to offer services and products to tourists.

The entrepreneurs in the areas see that POP Bonaire rural development program has laid a good foundation for the economic and ecological development of their area with these routes.

Now that POP Bonaire will cease to exist, entrepreneurs are taking over the management of the routes. The management of Bara di Karta is taken over by Onnie Emerenciana, who wants to develop his kunuku di Mamai Rosa into a tourist destination.

Rincon is taken over by Danilo Christiaan from Mangazina di Rei and by Julianka Clarenda from Echo and from Posada Para Mira. No manager from the area has been found for Tras di Montaña. The management is temporarily taken over by Maaike Smal from Wayaká Advies, who helped to set up this route.

The entrepreneurs have an interest in tourists and local visitors, and want the routes to remain accessible. They will work together, also with other entrepreneurs from the three areas.

The maps of Bara di Karta and Rincon have had an update. They are available at the starting points of the routes. All information also remains available on the website

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