Town-hall Meetings about New Traffic Ordinance Saba

Even a relatively small island like Saba does have quite some challenges when it comes to traffic. Photo: BES-Reporter/Martien Vroone.

The Bottom, Saba- The general public in Saba can give input to the new traffic ordinance being prepared by the Public Entity Saba.

The new, more modern traffic ordinance is necessary to improve road traffic safety on the island. The ordinance deals with the general rules when participating to the traffic on the island, such as limits for drinking and driving, parking and driving licenses.

The first session will be held on Tursday, July 15 at the Eugenius Johnson Center from 7 to 9 PM. The second session will be held in the Queen Wilhelmina Library on Monday July 19, also from 7 – 9 PM.

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