Trade union adviser Abdul calls Selibon directors ‘untruthful’ can cunning

Abdul (l) seen here with AFBW president Cherrel Kwidama, calls Selibon cunning and untruthful. Photo: Archive ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – Advisor to the General Federation of Bonerian Workers (AFBW), Ewald Abdul calls the management and board of government NV ‘untruthful’ and cunning.

Abdul, who incidentally is one of the co-founders of the union, comes to his statements after a press release from Selibon, which would not correspond to reality. “In its press release, Selibon states, among other things, that it has won the summary proceedings against the employees. That does not correspond to reality. The judge did not render a verdict, but sent the parties back to the negotiating table”.

Another point that the trade unionist takes offense to is the fact that Selibon describes itself in the press release in question as a ‘good employer’. “If Selibon is such a good employer, how is it possible that 95% of the employees have signed a letter in which they state that they have no confidence in the management?” Abdul wonders.

New and healthy organization

Abdul repeats, on behalf of the union and the campaigning employees, what is being strived for. “We fight for a new and healthy organization, where there is a good working atmosphere, where employees feel valued and where employees are treated with respect.

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