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Training Aircraft fire fighting CN

From April 17th to May 5th, 2017, the Caribbean Netherlands Fire Department organized the Aircraft Fire Fighting programme at fireman level.

There were 10 candidates participating, including 8 candidates from BKCN, from which 3 were from Saba, 2 from Statia and 3 from Bonaire. There were also 2 candidates from the Fire Department (CAP), Curacao. The training was provided by two instructors of the BKCN, Albert Hoek and Glenn Rosaria and consisted of a theory and a practical part. For both parts, an exam had to be taken. BKCN is pleased to announce that the Aircraft Firefighting  program at fireman level has been completed with a 100% graduation rate.

Currently, BKCN is preparing for the program Commander Aircraft Firefighting, which will start at the end of May.

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