Training programs closed off with handing of certificates

Commissioner Nina den Heyer with participants and trainers. Photo: OLB

KRALENDIJK – At the end of November, a total of 29 enthusiastic participants successfully completed their training in ‘Customer Friendliness and Customer Orientation’ and ‘Social Skills’ with a ceremony during which the certificates were handed out. 

In collaboration with Fundashon FORMA, the courses, which began in August 2022, were conducted in Papiamento. Deputy Commissioner Clark Abraham emphasizes the significance of these training sessions for the development of the tourism sector and the local community. Trainers Gianetta Ignecia and Milizaira Felipa are proud of the participants’ progress. 

The ceremony included the presentation of certificates, with Commissioner Nina den Heyer highlighting the success of the collaboration funded by the OLB. These training sessions demonstrate the tangible impact of support on personal and professional growth.

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