‘Training Together’ ABC Islands takes off

Kralendijk The Ministry of OCW made a subsidy of no less than USD 380,000 available for the school year 2020-2021 for improving teacher training on the ABC Islands. Under the denominator ‘Samen Opleiden’ (Training Together) a first group of students shall be trained.

In the ‘Samen Opleiden’ context the training institutions and school boards are jointly responsible for the training of prospective teachers. Henceforth, a considerable part of the training shall take place at professional development schools where students will teach classes in order to gain practical knowledge and experience. This way students are prepared optimally for the profession and the local context. The education context on our islands requires a Caribbean teacher of the 21st century: a teacher who disposes of 21st century skills as well as knowledge of the rich Caribbean culture.

The partnership Kibrahacha was set up to give substance to the cooperation between the training institutions and the school boards on the three islands. Various school boards of the ABC Islands are involved and the training institutions University of Curaçao, Instituto Pedagogico Arubano, University of Aruba and University of St. Martin are also part of the partnership.

‘Samen Opleiden’ is the result of an agreement, reached during the ‘Vierlandenoverleg’ (Four Countries Consultation). In February 2019 the Ministers of Curacao,  Aruba, St. Maarten and the Netherlands signed a partnership protocol to strengthen teacher training in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

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