Training wrapped up for trainers and ambassadors working with Alzheimer Patients

Trainees, ambassadors and representatives of the Alzheimer Bonaire Foundation at the end of the training. Photo: Fundashon Alzheimer. 

KRALENDIJK – The board of Fundashon Alzheimer Bonaire, in collaboration with the DEDICATED-ABC Team from Maastricht University, expresses satisfaction with the successful two-day DEDICATED training. 

Three trainers and 15 DEDICATED Ambassadors were trained at the FM Academy, with the initiative stemming from a partnership with Maastricht University earlier this year. 

The ambassadors, representing various healthcare entities on the island, received certificates and are tasked with spreading the principles of DEDICATED on Bonaire. The DEDICATED Team, comprised of Dr. Judith Meijers, Drs. Jesper Biesmans, Ms. Thea Offermans, and Drs. Sabine Pieters, successfully implemented the approach not only on Bonaire but also in Aruba and Curaçao. 

Proud and Satisfied

Fundashon Alzheimer Bonaire is proud and satisfied to conclude this DEDICATED journey, acknowledging the vital support from the Maastricht team and local healthcare workers, now equipped to deliver quality care and enhance the lives of people with dementia.

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