Transfer of former Plantage Fontein celebrated on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – During a happening on Wednesday afternoon, the fact was celebrated that Local Government, with aid from the Dutch government in The Hague, was able to purchase the former plantation Fontein. 

The goal of the purchase, which brought about an investment of 3.4 million dollars, is to preserve the area and keep it accessible to the population. It is now in the hands of the government, and the goal is for the community to be able to use it, much like it was the case in the past. 

Quite some people gathered at Fontein yesterday to take a first-hand look at the area. Despite its current state of neglect, the area continues to attract visitors.  

Minister Christianne van der Wal Zeggelink was present and expressed her wish that the location remains in government ownership and is will preserve its current structure. 

Commissioner Hennyson Thielman emphasized the historical value of Fontein and its rich history, from indigenous presence to labor strikes and picnics from the past. He referred to it as a place of many memories. 


Commissioner Jolinda Craane gave an overview of the process that led to Fontein’s reacquisition and stressed the desire to develop it in a structured and authentic manner, preserving its character. An acknowledgment was also presented to Buchi Frans for his dedication to the site, which he continues to maintain.

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