Tropical Divers the latest to take part in Bonaire’s reef restoration efforts

Tropical Divers the latest to take part in Bonaire’s reef restoration efforts

Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire is delighted to announce the addition of its fifth Dive Shop Member on the island, Tropical Divers. Tropical Divers joins Gooodive Bonaire, Eden Beach Resort, Harbour Village Beach Club, and Buddy Dive Resort as partner and educational center for Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire.

Soon, Tropical Divers will begin tending to their nursery of five coral trees, located at Calabas Reef. The 500 corals housed in their nursery with be a combination of Staghorn and Elkhorn corals. Both corals were once found extensively throughout the Caribbean, but have since declined. Tropical Divers will take on the responsibility of maintaining their nursery, transplanting corals, and becoming a valuable partner in working toward Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire’s mission to restore staghorn and elkhorn corals on the shallow water reefs of Bonaire and Klein Bonaire.

Augusto Montbrun, member of the Board of Directors for Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire, stressed the importance of the involvement of dive shops around the island, “Tropical Divers joining forces with us is critical to educating both residents and visitors about the continuing efforts to preserve and restore Bonaire’s reefs.” Tropical Divers will follow in the footsteps of the other Dive Shop Members, educating visitors and residents about Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire’s restoration efforts with guided dives and eventually training recreational divers through the PADI distinctive specialty course.

The nursery installation and Tropical Divers’ first year of membership were made possible thanks to the nature fund, “Natuurgelden BES”, allocated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the BES islands.

Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing affordable, effective strategies for restoring staghorn and elkhorn corals that act as critical habitats for marine wildlife. Founded in 2012, Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire is working to educate, inspire, and engage local volunteers and active citizens from around the world.

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