Tui Dreamliner Gets Stuck on Platform Bonaire Airport

A picture from Live99 FM shows the situation with the Tui plane on the ‘shoulder’ at Bonaire international Airport

Kralendijk – A Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” from the Dutch company Tui got stuck with the left landing gear in the asphalt at one of the ‘shoulders’ of the platform at Bonaire International Airport (BIA), Saturday evening.

According to BIA director Jos Hillen, the incident took place during the so-called push-back, when the aircraft is positioned by a push back engine to start taxiing towards the runway.

No one was injured in the incident. After an initial inspection at the airport of Bonaire, the aircraft still left for the airport on Curaçao, where it would undergo more in-depth inspections.

Passengers destined for Amsterdam would be accommodated by Tui on other flights.


According to Hillen, BIA is starting an investigation into what happened. Concerns about the instability of the platform was one of the issues raised by Hillen, immediately after being appointed the airport’s interim director. However, no concerns were raised about the area where the incident happened.

Various repairs are currently taking place at the airport.

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