TUI threatens STINAPA with ‘legal action’ over association with Chogogo

KRALENDIJK – The in-house Legal Counsel of TUI Benelux, Jeroen den Dikken, threatens to take legal action against STINAPA if the nature organization does not stop linking the travel organization to the Chogogo Resort.

Den Dikken cites an article from, which was about the washed away sand from the artificial beach at Chogogo Resort. In the article in question, STINAPA director responds to claims by the architect of Chogogo that the washed away sand is not too bad. In his response, Van der Ploeg refers to the TUI Chogogo Time to Smile Resort.

“In the article “Squabbling about sand on the beach of Chogogo Resort continues” on the website of November 12, the Stichting Nationale Parken Bonaire (STINAPA) is asked for a reaction to statements made (in that article) by Chogogo’s architect, René Jacobs. In her response – as shown in the article – STINAPA repeatedly, but incorrectly, refers to the “TUI Chogogo Resort”.

According to Den Dikken, TUI emphasizes, as it has done before, that the Chogogo Resort is not owned by TUI, nor is it part of the TUI Group. “The fact that TUI offers this specific Resort as accommodation does not change that,” Van Dikken continues.

Good name

Den Dikken also writes to Van Der Ploeg that he trusts that hotels with which TUI does business meet all the necessary requirements and have the correct permits. “However, by falsely associating TUI with such allegations, the reputation and good name of TUI is discredited by STINAPA without any justification. TUI calls on STINAPA to stick to the facts and not to make any claims or statements that are not in line with reality”.

Den Dikken in conclusion states that If STINAPA ‘continues to associate TUI’s name with the Chogogo Resort’ TUI will be forced to consider taking legal action against STINAPA.


Van der Ploeg himself reacts rather pointedly to TUI’s threats. We would like to remind you that STINAPA already pointed out on November 26, 2021, in a conversation with a representative of TUI Nederland N.V, that the Chogogo Resort does not have the correct permits. In addition, during the past year there have been various publications in Antillean and Dutch media from which you could have concluded that the Chogogo Resort deliberately does not comply with the island’s nature legislation,” writes Van der Ploeg in his response to Den Dikken.

Van den Ploeg also points to the fact that various reports have appeared in the media, including in and the site Ban Boneiru Bèk, in which Tui and Chogogo are mentioned together.

“The TUI website and the prominent TUI logo at the entrance of the resort also suggest that TUI is somehow connected to the Chogogo Resort. If you find it necessary to start a lawsuit, STINAPA looks forward to it with confidence”, concludes Van der Ploeg.

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