Turbulent days for police

Turbulent days for police

KRALENDIJK – Previous days were restless for the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN). This is evident from the police reports of the past weekend.

For example, the night on Thursday and Friday a unilateral collision took place on the Boulevard Gob. Nicolaas Debrot. The driver fell from her scooter and sustained head injuries. On Friday around 14:25 a so-called ‘Hit and Run’ took place on the Kaya Amsterdam. A driver on a scooter was hit when he tried to overtake a bicycle and was simultaneously overtaken by a car. 

Hit & Run

During the failed overtaking maneuver, the car hit the driver on the scooter, after which the scooter hit the bicycle. The car continued to drive. The driver of the scooter sustained abrasions. There is also property damage to the scooter and bicycle as a result of this Hit and Run. 


Between Friday night and Saturday morning a burglary was reported at a business on the Kaya JC van de Ree. Unknown persons took away alcohol and cigarettes. On Saturday afternoon, theft was reported from a car at dive site Angel City on the E.E.G. Bulevar. Unknown persons took diving equipment and a few other things. Although the car was closed, it was not locked. On Sunday, two scooters parked in front of the terrace/porch of an apartment complex on Kaya Ganimedes were stolen. 

Furthermore, the police also had to deal with the calming of a brawl in a bar/restaurant in the Nikiboko neighborhood, a car that had flipped over at the E.E.G. Bulevar and a driver who hit a lamppost at 140 km/h while attempting to flee.

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