Two more shark receivers deployed at the Marine Park in Bonaire

Kralendijk – Two more shark receivers will be deployed in the Marine Park. One will be placed near the no-dive reserve in the North and the other one will be placed at Red Slave in the South. These receivers help track the movements of tagged sharks. By expanding their array of receivers STINAPA can better cover the whole island and follow the sharks’ movements. 

Want to help STINAPA compare shark & ray sightings in Bonaire before and after COVID-19?  

You can do this by helping STINAPA by collecting data whenever you go diving or snorkeling!
This is how to do it:

  • Email to receive the data sheet. You’ll need to fill out the following information.
  • Every time you go diving or snorkeling, list the site.
  • Write down whether you were diving or snorkeling.
  • Record if you saw any sharks or rays (no ID shark/ray is also okay.) If you did not see any, mention this as well.
  • Then, every 5 to 10 dives and/or snorkels mail the data to
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