Two New Infections on Bonaire

Kralendijk- On King’s day there is less positive news in the fight against Covid, as there are two new infections on the island. While that may not be much in absolute numbers, only 5 persons were tested. This means that it is a relatively high percentage relative to the amount of people tested.

As three people recovered, the total number of cases still went down by 1 to a total of 19.

Government Edison Rijna over the past days has warned residents to keep taking preventative measures into account s all danger is not over yet. Especially on Friday, the first day that the curfew was no longer in place, many went out to party and drink, not adhering to the recommended 1.5 meter rule.

It remains to be seen, over the coming days, if this will have once again negatively impacted the spread of Covid on the island.

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