Two practice assistants from Sint Eustatius obtain HBO diploma in Caribbean Netherlands

KRALENDIJK – On Friday, November 3, 2 practice assistants from Sint Eustatius and 5 practice assistants from Bonaire received their HBO diploma for the “Practice Assistant in Somatic Care” program in a festive ceremony. This marks the first time this program has been organized in Caribbean Netherlands and has now been successfully completed. It is a significant milestone in healthcare on our beautiful islands.

The client for this program was Primary Care Caribbean (PCC), which is also the employer of the practice assistants in Bonaire. During the intensive program, students were trained in diabetes care and the care of patients with (the risk of) cardiovascular diseases. With these skills, the practice assistants will be of great value to general practitioner practices in Bonaire and the Healthcare Foundation in St. Eustatius. Their dedication, perseverance, and hard work have led to this celebratory day, where their competence and expertise are celebrated.

The contribution of practice assistants will play a crucial role in the development of healthcare, supporting general practitioners with a proactive approach to patients with chronic conditions. By systematically treating and guiding chronic patients in the general practitioner practice, information about the disease is better conveyed, the self-sufficiency of the patient is promoted, and the risk of complications for the patient is reduced.

Thanks go to ZJCN, who made this program possible and thus made an important investment in the future of healthcare for Caribbean Netherlands. This training for healthcare workers in Caribbean Netherlands aligns with the goal of having healthcare mainly carried out by personnel from Caribbean Netherlands. Additionally, PCC expresses gratitude to Hogeschool Breederode, which, with flexibility, expertise, and dedication, contributed to the success of the program. Special thanks also go to the general practitioners and the medical assistants. They made it possible for the training to take place directly in the practice.

Now that the diplomas have been obtained, the practice assistants are fully available for patient care in general practitioner practices.

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